Let me assure you that Betty White is not dead. Thank goodness!!

This Facebook death hoax started on Wednesday when a satirical news website revealed that Betty White "dyes" her hair from the comfort of her Los Angeles home. Of course many social media users on Twitter and Facebook chose to share the story and that is how I heard about it.

Isn't it funny how rumors can be spread by Social Media?

Some people were apparently tricked by this posting, others noted that it was a joke. It seems to me that due to the recent deaths of Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and Richard Attenborough, this post seems to be in bad taste. Death really shouldn't be something to joke about.

I am sure that Betty White is making a joke of it right now. I can hear Betty White laughing her head off with all of her friends and family.

Keep Smiling Betty, I am sure you have plenty of life to live!