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website updating service

Basic Website Updating for Joomla & WordPress

Do you have outdated information on your website and don't know how to change it?
Let us help you update your website to ensure information you are providing is current and relevant.
Web Update Pricing - $125.00/hour + gst (1 hour minimum)
For Large Project Revisions - Price to be determined based on the size and complexity of the project

joomla and wordpress upgrades

Joomla and WordPress Upgrades

It is essential that Joomla and WordPress websites are kept upgraded with the latest supported version.
Many people believe that the cost for a website is a one-time expense. They want to pay a designer to build a nice website and then move on and never deal with their website again. But that's not how it works. Similar to a car, a website needs to be monitored and upgraded to continue to be relevant and effective. Open source CMS like Joomla and WordPress stay in business by continually making their products more effective. As a result, frequent upgrades are provided to handle changes with website browsers, host servers, security holes and technology changes.

Three Advantages to Keeping Your Website Upgraded


Website Upgrades keep websites safe from known security holes. Upgrades often include bug fixes and security patches.  If you are using an out-dated CMS version, your website is simply not secure. An out-dated CMS website opens itself up as potential attackers may discover your website’s weak spots. Not upgrading website is the number one cause of website cyber attacks.

Cost Savings

Applying Website Upgrades can save you money. It’s best to stay current with upgrades, otherwise, a future upgrade could be very expensive.

It is also easier and cheaper to regularly keep your website upgraded than to deal with having to completely remake the website from scratch in the event of a website attack.

Access to New Features

You may get access to new features with an Website Upgrade.

Content Management Programs (CMS programs) like Joomla and WordPress continually work with their communities to add new features to their products.

With each major upgrade, you may notice significant new features and functionality.


xpression webs revamping websites

How often should you renovate your website?

Small/Medium Websites: Every 3-5 years.
Large Websites: Every 5-7 years, with a moderate design refresh every 2-3 years.

Website Renovation – Xpression Webs have worked with many customers throughout the years to renovate their websites. This has allowed customers to continue to keep up with the latest technology and keep websites current with design trends. – Should your site be renovated? Please contact us to request a full site review with our recommendations and a quote.

Does Your Website Need a TUNE-UP?

HTTPS used to only be required for e-commerce sites. Nowadays, it’s becoming important that every website use HTTPS for SEO, increased page speed, user perception, and security.

What does your website look like on a cell phone? Smartphones have become very popular and most people are now conducting business from their smartphones and tablets. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you may lose a potential customers due to having a non-mobile friendly website.

If you’re not using a CMS (Content Management System) website, like Joomla or WordPress, it’s likely that your site hasn’t been updated with fresh content, and there’s probably some outdated content on there as well. Google favors sites that are updated often so switching to a CMS website is necessary to allow your customers to find you on the World Wide Web.

If not, it should be. You are advertising your business through your website, your customers need quick access to be able to contact you.

What impression does your website give about your company? According to a study completed at Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website. As much as we like to sing the praises of search engine optimization, it’s important to remember that computers don’t buy from you, your customers do. If your site is messy, disorganized, or cluttered, or just plain looks old, your customers will get that impression of you.

How easy is your website laid out? Do your customers get lost in your site and become confused? Don’t make your customers waste their time on a poorly designed navigation structure.

If you haven’t modified your website for 3 years, this is a good indication that you should consider revamping your website.


xpression webs webmaster packageFull Maintenance Webmaster Package – Hiring Yvonne as your Webmaster

Sign up to apply for our Yearly Webmaster maintenance package to get prompt and efficient website updates. Your site will also be regularly monitored to ensure that it is running in tip top condition at all times.

Yearly Website Update Package:  $1440/year + gst – ($120/month)

Full Webmaster duties include:

  • Weekly check-in: On a weekly basis your site will be checked fully for any errors or problems. All hyperlinks will also be checked to ensure that they are active and up-to-date.
  • Malware monitoring
  • Installation of security patches as required
  • Web updates: 5 updates will be allowed on your website on a monthly basis. Please Note: The term “Maintenance” means maintaining the content of your existing website. Extra charges may be added if new features, extensions, menus or modules are requested.
  • Full monthly backup: Backups will be performed as upgrades and security patches are applied.
  • Full telephone and email support
  • Priority updating

xpression webs partial maintenance
Partial Website Maintenance Packages for Hosted & Non-Hosted Clients

Hosted Security Package: $444/year + gst ($37/month) Xpression Webs Unlimited Hosting Accounts are fully maintained. Hosted website clients can rest assured that their websites are kept up-to-date with the latest upgrades and security patches. Sites are monitored for malware and backed up on a nightly basis. Full backups are also done on a monthly basis.

Non-hosted Website Security Package: $300/year + gst ($25/month) – Non-hosted clients can sign up for an added package to provide added security to their website once their website has been developed. This non-hosted package includes installing upgrades and extension security patches as required, monthly monitoring of site for malware or problems and a full monthly backup of site. 

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