How to Add Custom Coding to Your Joomla Website

Perhaps you need to add a Google Map, a Facebook widget, a Newsletter widget or other custom coding. To do this, you basically need to create a custom html module, assign it to a module position and menu, turn off you WYSIWYG editor, insert the custom html coding and save the Module.

The problem is that if you return to the module and don’t turn off the editor mode before you open the module again, the custom html coding gets stripped out. It’s just how the core Joomla works.

I found a new module called Custom HTML Advanced that works very well for this situation. This module allows you to add the coding directly inside your module without turning off your editor.

Download it first, and then unzip it as it contains downloads for both your version of Joomla and the 1.5 older version.

  • Go theĀ  your site’s backend and install the module in zipped format called mod_custom_advanced – do this by clicking on the Extension menu / Extension Manager – Click on the browse button and point it to this module. (don’t pick the 1.5 version since this if for the older version of Joomla)
  • Once it has been installed to your site, go to the Extensions Menu / Module Manager
  • Locate the Custom Html advanced module your just installed and open it.
  • Give this module a title – hide this title if you just want only the widget to appear.
  • Pick a position to place the module inside.
  • Paste your custom coding inside the HTML box on the right.
  • Scroll down and select the menu you would like to have the widget included on. (You can click on the dropdown and select all pages, no pages, only on pages selected)
  • The final step is to Save & Close
  • You will now have a Custom Html Module on your site and won’t need to worry about Joomla stripping out the coding if you need to return to the module to revise it.
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