Kids React to Old Computers

When I was a kid, computers were very different. Computers were not in schools and the only thing that was close, was an electric typewriter. As I went out into the working world, I worked with many dumb computers, whose only job was to present information from another large main frame computer. As computers evolved, they became very complex and soon to work with computers, you needed to learn html and other confusing commands.

I remember my very first laptop computer. It was from Radio Shack, it was called a Tandy. The price was $1500 and it had no internal storage, I was in love with it! I couldn’t believe how portable it was. It make me laugh now to think about it. I still have nightmares about DOS. Wow, what a difference now!

I watched this video the other day and thought it was quite amazing how children react to old computers.

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